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1 Tablespoon Of : R is for Random.

Have you ever just had the urge to take pictures for no reason what so ever? Well, this is the outcome of my random evening photo shoot. Emphasis on the random part of it. Also, my hair is in that awkward short/medium length kind of stage and i am so very confused on what to do with it! I am trying to stick with the goal of letting it grow out as much as i can but the urge of getting a drastically short hairdo just won’t leave me alone! I;m not going to do it this time though! 

I hope you all had an awesome long weekend! I know i did! I got to catch up on those many lost hours of sleep and i am ready to start this week off right! 🙂 

Fake Silly Mustache + Late Night Coca Cola = This Random Picture.

P.S! Make sure to stop by my *3 Tablespoons Of : M is For Mmmm..That Looks Good!* Tab for a couple of pictures of my 4th of July Hot Dogs! They turned out to be SO yummy!



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