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1 Tablespoon Of : Successful Bridal Shower.


Wasn’t today just gorgeous!? There was just the right amount of warmness and just the right amount of sun out.

So, today i attended the bridal shower i was freaking out about earlier. It was so much fun! and a great experience for being my first bridal shower ever! We played some fun games and, of course, watching the bride open up all the AMAZING gifts she received from her friends and family was the best part of the afternoon. I am seriously super excited to be part of her wedding! I can only hope that if i ever get married i will be as happy as she is! 🙂 

( Promise to share some pictures of the bridal shower as soon as i can! ) But, until then. Go enjoy what is left of your Saturday! Eat some ice cream, watch a movie, or just continue blogging! 

Thanks for stopping by!

{Don’t Worry, Be Happy}

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