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1 Tablespoon Of : Tripod Fail.

Hello and Happy Thu-Thu Thursday to you all! 🙂

I have come to accept that i cannot for the life of me take good pictures of myself using my tripod. I just can’t! Sorry outfit, i guess you just get two good shots today! Better luck next time!

Quick Question: What do you all think about the “portrayal of perfection on blogs”. I was visiting a blog and saw that remark on her post. What does it really mean though? I really don’t believe that everyone out there tries to portray perfection on each and every post. I believe that the reason we have our blogs is because we want to share our interests with others who may have our same interests. When i put an outfit together in the morning and leave home with that “I look like a million bucks” feeling I immediately want to share and showcase it on my blog in a way that others will see through the picture how much i am enjoying wearing my outfit that day. I think that most blogs including my own don’t necessarily try to portray perfection we just want to share with others our lifestyles in away that they can also somehow be part of it even if it just by pictures. And if sometimes we let out our best model like poses and smiles, I feel that it is all perfectly fine. I absolutely LOVE discovering new blogs and i feel that how each individual showcases their life in a picture makes blogging fun and inspiring.

PROOF that not all pictures are perfection:



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