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2 Tablespoons Of : It’s Christmas Time In The City!

Saying that I love christmas trees is a bit of an understatement for me. Scratch that, Saying I simply love christmas trees is a HUGE understatement! I have come to the realization that if it was financially and physically possible for me to have more than two christmas trees in the house, i would purchase and decorate one for each room in a heartbeat! I am amazed at how much meaning and love can go into decorating christmas trees. The possibilities are definitely endless. And decorating the tree is something that can be done by yourself or with your favorite friends and loved ones.

This weekend i walked around one of my favorite areas in town and was so inspired with all of the decorated christmas trees inside all the different shops. There is just something about well decorated trees that put me in the right kind of holiday mood. I love that feeling! I will be featuring my little 4ft. tree here soon, but i will go ahead and say it looks very similar to picture #12 ( execept for the fact that my tree is green and 8ft. shorter. ). I hope these pictures are able to inspire some of you to think outside of the christmas tree decorating box this year! 

Happy Tuesday!!!!



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