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2 Tablespoons Of : Polka Dot Dress.

The weather here in Houston is definitely starting to feel more like fall. Yesterday as soon as i came outside, i felt the best cool breeze. I have forgotten how nice the cool weather felt like with all this Texas Heat! Well, it looks like cooler weather will be here in no time and i am anxiously waiting to be able to wear tights, boots, scarves, hats, and any other clothing items i am not able to wear in the heat. I am thinking about also incorporating some of my summer shoes, like the ones i am wearing here ^ with black tights to bring them along to my fall wardrobe. Hope it works out for me.

I am currently on My way to work now so, if you are at home relaxing, and enjoying your Sunday off like one should be doing, i am already jealous.

Happy Sunday!



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