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5 Tablespoons Of : Before Sufjan.

When i first found out that Sufjan Stevens was performing in the lovely Jones Performance Hall here in Downtown Houston, I just knew i had to do whatever i could to make it to his performance. If you’ve ever heard any of Sufjans Stevens magical music, then you know just how excited i was to learn that he was finally making his first trip to Houston. I was over the moon about having tickets to finally hear him perform. The day of the concert was pure magic. After he left work, Gabe and I decided to eat an early dinner at Paulies, one of our favorite restaurants here in Houston. On our way there, we ran across a very small park with a whole lot of character. We decided to take a few pictures and then made our way to dinner. When we finally arrived to Jones Hall, i could hardly believe i was about to see an artist that i have loved for many many years. It was most definitely the best performance ever. Sufjan Stevens is a musical genius in so many ways. Please, if you haven’t heard any of his music, do yourself a favor and go explore his unique music. You will not regret it.

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