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5 Tablespoons Of : Shadow Monsters.

Gabe and I went to a fun event called Mixed Media at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston. The museum currently has this amazing exhibit called “Shadow Monsters”. I have to admit, the exhibit was the main reason why i wanted to go to the event. As a serious lover of Halloween, anything with the word “Monster” in June is sure to get my attention. The exhibit was a genius idea of placing a projector in front of one of the huge white walls in an exhibit display area in the museum. The interaction with the exhibit consisted of use getting in front of the projector and just moving about doing whatever type of silly movements you wanted to do. Our profiles were projected into giant sized shadows on the white wall for all other guests to see. It was so much fun! Gabe actually caught a video of us having our turn. It’s very embarrassing, but I’ll probably have to post that soon. The museum was opened after hours just for the event, so we had a chance to walk around and take a look at some of the amazing permanent exhibits. It was a really great night.



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