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6 Tablespoons Of : Eisley at WareHouse Live.

When I fall in love with an artist or a band, I fall hard. Like, head over heels hard. Eisley is one of four of my favorite musicians and so they hold a very special place in my heart. I first heard of the band Eisley when I was about 12 years old. Their first music video lured me in with it’s perfect melodies and ever so interesting individuals ( which I later found out are all siblings! (except) for their bass player. He’s a cousin of the siblings. ) It really doesn’t seem like so long ago now, but I am continued to be amazed on the fact that I have literally listened and loved their music for a decade now. It is insane! Eisley is one of those bands that don’t get the recognition they truly deserve. In a way it’s good, but on other occasions, I wish everyone could take in the art that is made by these individuals. These memories are from a Houston concert a couple of weeks back. I am always so thankful that they still make time to tour for their fans even though they have all started their own little families. Their music truly just gets better with age. Do yourself a favor and indulge in the magic of Eisley.

A few of my Eisley Favorites:

– Vintage People

– Mr. Moon

– Marvelous Things

– The Valley

– Smarter

– Blue Fish

– Currents

– Come Clean

– Better Love


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