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6 Tablespoons Of : Flea Style Summit 2016.

I’m a few weeks late on documenting my AMAZING time in Dallas, Texas back in July for the much anticipated Flea Style Summit, but man oh man do I still remember my time there like it was just yesterday! I remember saying to my sister, Nancy a few days before I purchased the tickets ” I wan’t to go but what if I just end up feeling like I don’t belong? What if I end up feeling self conscious about where I am on my creative journey in comparison to all the other amazing makers and creatives attending this conference? ” Luckily she quickly led me back to my senses and simply said, ” You’ve been wanting to attend something like this for years now. NOW is your time, GO!! ” I quickly bought the tickets and started to count down the days!

As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in my happy place. DIY decorations from floor to ceiling, twinkling warm lights providing majority of the interior light, fresh bottomless local coffee available whenever I pleased, and most importantly, the insane amount of creatives all put together in one place. My happy place had a name that day, and you guessed it, It was called the Flea Style Summit.

How cute are these customized water bottles? #cactinerdforever #fleastylegirlforever

More On Local Press+Brew Coffee House HERE.

This part of the conference was so fun! All conference attendees had different workshops we would go to depending on what symbol was assigned to us on our name badges. The above was the print making workshop. It looked like such a blast! I was lucky enough to break to the Photography workshop with the talented Megan Weaver. I hope to reconnect with her on my next Dallas trip. She had so much knowledge to share!

Aren’t these hand embroidered pieces the bees knees? You can purchase them HERE if you’d like to support Allie’s art!

This booth in the middle of the lunch hall was very interesting. Check them out to find out more of their unique take on photos HERE.

Still can’t get over how thoughtfully curated every detail was for the conference. From a perfectly mint colored vintage beetle outside to instantly set the cool vibes, to the hand made cacti plants magically surrounding the venue. Perfection.

Some of the best panelists ever! ( and these were only about a third of them! ) There were so many key speakers this day. It was so difficult not to get overwhelmed by so much inspiration ( I somehow managed though ) To be able to take an dream, turn it into a legitimate idea, and then to turn that idea into a game plan, to finally then pursuit that dream full steam ahead is just so inspiring to me. To me, all of these individuals are super heroes in their own way. They believed they could and so they did! Until next year, Fleastyle!

Care to take a peek into the magic that was the Flea Style Summit? Look Below!



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