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6 Tablespoons Of : My Life In Film : Vol. 2.

I came back a few hours ago with more memories in film ( Thank You, Walgreens! ) This time again from Gabe’s Canon. I really do love his Canon. It gets so many great shots which makes me think that I really do have to start to fill my own Olympus out a bit more with my own photos. Below are a few memories from months past.

Downtown Life. I spend 80% of my life in Downtown Houston, Texas. I had just recently gotten my haircut here. Not too sure if I’ll be getting bangs again anytime soon.

I do love my pretty Downtown view though.

Nashville Memories! Here I am outside of Imogene + Willie. Sad fact : We got there too early in anticipation to finally get to see the store! A few minutes before it finally opened, we gave up on waiting and decided to head out for Breakfast. Maybe next time?

Worth the 40 Minute table wait! If you’re in Nashville, Loveless Motel is a MUST! I’m still thinking about those biscuits! *Heart Eyes Emoticon*

Coffee! Always Coffe Time!

This is the face of victory after reaching what was the highest part of the tallest mountain I’ve ever climbed. The view was absolutely breathtaking. What a journey that was!



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