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6 Tablespoons Of : Pick A Frame, Any Frame with Warby Parker.

Warby Parker is going Live with their BRAND NEW Spring 2016 Collection TODAY and I couldn’t be any more excited to tell you all about it! The creative individuals at Warby Parker have created a collection inspired by the bold colors, fun shapes, and high spirits of The Circus! Don’t let all the fun fool you though! Like all Warby Parker Frames, the new collection of bright and fun frames are all crafted from premium acetate from a 150 year old, family owned Italian company. These are top quality frames we are talking about here, folks! It is certain that they are all made with precision and love. Otherwise, I don’t think they would be this lovely. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look for yourself!

OPTICAL LENSES: Antireflective polycarbonate prescription lenses are available for orders requiring prescription lenses for both the new Spring 2016 collection and all previous collections. SUNWEAR: Take these fun frames out for a stroll under the sun! Their premium polarized lenses are made for maximum clarity and color. This option is also open for any prescription lenses that may be needed for sun wear. Double the fun!

AND NOW PRESENTING: 3 New Silhouettes for SPRING 2016

“Burroughs” in Canton Blue

“Kensett” in Whiskey Tortoise

“Dorset” in Coastal Blue Fade

Frames from the New Spring 2016 Collection start at $95.00 with free shipping and free returns. All frames are also available for Warby Parkers incredibly genius “Home Try-On” Program. Warby Parker allows you to pick and choose 5 of your favorite frames from their newer or older collections alike, and ships your picks directly to your home at NO additional cost. This allows you to just simply try them on for yourself at home! How cool is that? ( More on the “Home Try-On” Program in a future post to follow )

And I cannot forget to share the most special part of all. Warby Parker works with experienced non-profit partners to ensure that each sale of their frames will give someone in need access to affordable glasses. For every pair purchased, a pair is distributed to someone in need. I love a good company who is able to take care of others in need of resources that are otherwise easier for others to get a hold of. It’s an amazing cause. And I am so proud of Warby Parker for taking this initiative.

We all have our inner child in us reminding us to stay young and take notice of the fun and colorful things in life, so why not actually listen and take a first bold step in living a colorful life with the help of Warby Parker’s new Spring Collection?


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