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A Tablespoon Of : Brandywine Coffee Roasters - Spooky Coffee Club 2020.

For our spooky Halloween season treat, Gabe and I gifted ourselves the Spooky Coffee Club Subscription from Brandywine Cofee Roasters. I have been a huge fan of Brandywine Coffee Roasters ever since I first saw their beautiful coffee bag a couple of years ago in a coffee shop in Houston. I have not been able to get my hands on a physical bag here in Fort Worth, and knew that my next BCR Coffee bag had to be ordered online. There is so much attention to detail on their coffee bag packaging from the Illustration style, to the wax seal with their logo, and of course the incredible coffee inside of the bag ( they have such unique flavors )! I was so excited to get this one time subscription as This is their first ever Spooky club which includes one spooky box full of spooky coffee and other spooky goodies during the whole month of October.

Look at how cute the illustration is! All art for Brandywine Coffee Roaster is created by a wonderful Illustrator named, Todd Purse.

bOX #1 : iNCLUDES a bag of " More Scary Coffee To Drink in the dark ", and a spooky halloween mug and screen printed long sleeve t-Shirt exclusive to the Spooky Coffee Club.

Kimchi is always curious about new boxes in the apartment. He kept wanting to smell the coffee bean bag and kept the halloween tissue paper as a toy for a couple of days.

A closer look at The coffee bag from Box #1. Look at that wax seal stamp action! the Spooky Coffee Club bags get a special pumpkin stamp and it makes all of the difference in my opinion.

Box #2 : The box itself is already a treat to look at with all of the full colored illustrations wrapped around the box. it also Includes a bag of " Log Lady - Miguel Moreno Honey " , 2 packs of " pARANORMAL iNSTANT cOFFEE - eTHIOPIA rOGICHA " AND a little spooky coffee monster sticker that I've already placed on my laptop.

A closer look at the coffee bag from box #2. we haven't had the pleasure of opening the bag yet, but I can already tell it's going to be delicious by the coffee aroma and taste descriptors. Once again, I cannot get enough of the packaging.

Box #3 : includes A cute Skeleton Halloween bear, a custom sticker by non other than the Todd pURSE ( hE ILLUSTRATES ALL OF THE bRANDYWINE cOFFEE baGS AND mERCH ) 4 Fun Halloween Pumpkin mini eRASERS, Demogorgon Coffee Bag, and a delicious Apple Cider Bag!

A closer look at all of the goodies!

So Spooky!

Apple Cider Alchemy - Rooibos Herbal Blend. Cannot wait to get this Apple Cider in my belly soon! Waiting on cooler temperatures here in Fort Worth!

Box #4 : Includes a custom sticker by Todd purse, two cute Halloween mini erasersand two special edition Halloween Coffee Bags.

The Spooky Coffee Club Subscription would 100% make an incredibly gift for anyone who enjoys supporting small, unique packaging, spooky season and most importantly, AMAZING coffee made by good people who love what they do. It's sadly too late to get your hands on this spooky club, but If you follow BCR on Instagram, you will see they are already working on a holiday Club Subscription coming out soon!



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