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A Tablespoon Of : Halloween 2021.

This year, Gabe and I decided to make the best out of my favorite holiday. Halloween was in full swing for us this year and I am so proud of us for making new traditions. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo for the first time since our move to Fort Worth. The Fort Worth zoo has an annual Halloween event called " Boo at the Zoo ". We got tickets for Halloween day and it was just a blast seeing both adults and children dressed up for the occasion. A little bit of what we saw around the zoo below :

Whipped out my color pencils to sketch out the monkeys.

I never imagined I could ever be this close to a giraffe. A lot of people around even got to feed the giraffes lettuce. What a sight that was.

Beautiful new friend.

The pumpkins were so fun to look at! Fort Worth Companies/Businesses and Museums decorated a pumpkin and they were displayed out on this grassy area. So cool!



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