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A Tablespoon of : What I would love to accomplish in 2022 (Illustrated).

1- stop scrolling, start creating MORE.

2- Update and Open my Etsy Shop.

3- start to learn French (Even just a few words a day).

4- Enjoy long walks in my neighborhood trail.

5- Continue my art journey and paint as much as possible - Learn New Techniques on my own with the help of Online

Classes, Tutorial Videos, and Art Books.

6 - Kindness for those around Me and for mySELF.

7 - have fun dressing up again. Wear what makes me feel confident and Happy.

This list was fun to Illustrate using my brand new Caran D'Ache Gouache "cakes". I didn't stress too much about these Illustrations coming out perfectly. I just wanted to have fun with a new medium and create what came to mind without overthinking it. I can see why so many artists choose Gouache as their medium of choice. I really do love the texture and pigment a finished piece has.

Have you made a physical or mental list about some things you'd like to accomplish this year? if you're thinking about making a list, remember to not put too much stress on yourself about making the list long enough or "important" enough. Write down things you want to accomplish that are realistic to your current life. Hopefully when we look back at it at any point this year, we can be proud to see that we may have accomplished most of the things we wrote down.



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