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A Tablespoon Of : Wooden Peg Ornaments.

This year, I decided to give making my own Christmas ornaments a go. I have always been intrigued by the cute painted details on Vintage wooden ornaments from the 80's and earlier and decided to try and recreate the charm of these vintage wooden ornaments into my very own designs.

I sketched out the idea of making these ornaments based off of some of my favorite artists. ( side note : This is the first time I have ever sketched out an idea before actually making the idea come to life. I really enjoyed the process of sketching out my initial thoughts/designs and seeing how the end results evolved as I actually painted on the wooden pegs )

Materials Needed :

- Wooden Peg Dolls

- Acrylic Paint

- Posca Pens ( or any other fine tip paint pens )

- Paint Brushes ( Small Round Tip will work best )

- Small Drill

- Glossy Seal Spray ( Optional, but really gives the ornaments a professional finish )

- Fish Eye Hooks

- Twine, String, Ribbon ( Your choice )

I'll continue to perfect these ornaments and fingers crossed, hopefully post them on my etsy shop this time next year. For now, they will make my tiny studio Christmas tree that much more cool.


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