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8 Tablespoons Of : Getting back to the swing of ME.

 Gabe and I have made a promise to capture more memories in 2018. It’s a double win for us, because we will get to practice our photography, while also taking note of some of the best photo worthy places in our city of Houston. Looking forward to this new tradition!

     Hat : Kate Spade      Sweater : Kate Spade      Skirt : Kate Spade      Shoes : Kate Spade

    If I could shop only in ONE store for the rest of my life, what        would it be : Kate Spade

    In 2017, I thought a whole lot about how creative I used to be        in my late teens and younger 20’s. My creativity used to scare        me because it separated me from everyone else around me. In        2018, I want to be more like myself. I don’t want to be scared        to create a happy life.



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