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8 Tablespoons Of : POMPOM Florists.

Name : Luisa Alejandre

Favorite Flower : Anthurium are my all time favorite.

When I was a kid, my dad used to get me Anthuriums all the time. My current favorite flowers are Anemones and Proteas.

Favorite Color : Blue and Red… Lately also Yellow.

Favorite Song/Artist to Listen to While Working : Brandon Flowers ( Always ) and lately a song called ” Good Girls ” by Lany.

Favorite Arrangement/ Event You’ve Arranged So Far : Jessica Brock Wedding. I created 8 Floral Arrangements all inspired by different books that held a special memory for the bride and groom. My Favorite Arrangements from the Wedding were the ones inspired by ” The Great Gatsby ” and ” Game of Thrones “

How Do You Keep Motivated : By consistently visualizing myself finally working inside of my future Workshop. I imagine how beautiful and magical my Workshop will be with all the decorations and flowers around it. A lot of hard work and love will go into my Workshop and I plan to push  forward with my current work with a lot of intention and energy. Motivation for me also comes from consistently looking at photos of flowers, floral arrangements and floral installations that I may one day want to create. Looking at tutorials and how-to videos, and looking at flowers all around my own home also motivates me. My favorite unexpected motivation is when someone new comes up to me and says something like, ” Hey, you’re a florist, right? Would you be interesting in… ” then all of a sudden I have a new client without intending to have gained one. It’s the best feeling and pushes me to create more for new potential clients. 

Dream Client : I love the ones that have no time to pick flowers and they let me pick whatever I want. The ones that explained their concept to me and trust my taste and experience as an artist. Also, It is a huge plus when the client values your work and doesn’t try to negotiate a lower price for the arrangement. Finding that client that truly appreciates the hard work and dedication that will go to the arrangement is a dream come true.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about your passion, Luisa. You are magic, pure magic! You can see more of Luisa’s POMPOM adventures by following her instagram! @pompomflorists



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