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A Tablespoon Of : Memories from October 2019.

October 2019 was full of memorable and happy experiences and life changing moments I will never forget ( gABE AND I GOT mARRIED! ). The Month of October is already such a special month for me and I would usually be planning a trip to New York right around this time of year. Unfortunately this year, October travel plans looked a little differently due to COVID. Still, I am happy and thankful to be able to have enjoyed this wonderful and my most favorite month in a new way. A few wonderful memories from October 2019 below as I say goodbye to October 2020.

Every time I start to see the leaves changing colors with the new fall season, I immediately go back to New York.

I never get tired of admiring the busy city. New York is always in action and I love it.

Why yes, I did come to this newly opened Levain Bakery in the Upper East Side just to admire this beautiful Mural by non other than Libby VanderPloeg in person. ( And of course second reason was to indulge in their ridicoulously delicious cookies ) I dream of one day being able to take on a project like this. Here's hoping!

Beautiful Levain Bakery Blue on an equally cute delivery Bicycle.

My first visit to THE Frances Valentine Madison Avenue Location. As I nervously stepped in to this unique store I thought to myself, " This is as close as I'll ever be to Kate Spade herself " Seeing every little attention to detail on the clothing, accessories, Jewelry and decorative items and smelling the wonderful candle they had lit in this wonderful space made me instantly feel safe and happy. I was overwhelmed with so Manu beautiful items around me. I wanted to take photos of everything! I hope Kate Spade's vision is kept alive for a long time to come through this brand she created before she passed away. I have so much love for Kate Spade and for this store.

Gabe treated me to a pair of earrings and a statement ring from the jewelry box.

Just Perfect!

time to start exploring the New York City Halloween Decorations! Nothing beats wonderfully Spooky decorated New York Brownstones with the sound of the city as a background as you try to decide what house has the best Halloween decorations. New Yorkers do not play around when it comes to spooky season.

100% Scary! 100% Spooky Season ready!

Love the Giant spiderweb and and spiders ( left ) and the Yayoi Kusama inspired pumpkins ( right )!

Absolutely loved this window display!

I did not get to go to the MET Museum during this trip, but a visit to the MET is one of the many reasons to go back to New York City! Can't Wait ( This might easily be a half day activity )!

Fall in New York <3

Belvedere Castle in Central Park.

A Peaceful view in Central Park as we ended our very long day of walking and exploring the wonderful City... I'm So ready to go back for more exploring.

Gabe and I after our Wedding Day, October 26, 2019.

*We celebrated our 1 year anniversary this year

( 10/26/2020 ) at home treating ourselves to time together, a spooky video game, and delicious Thai food.

a few ours after our wedding, We took each others photos and were so upset we had forgotten our tripod ( hence why there are no picture of us together ) Much like ourselves, our wedding day was private, simple, but colorful, accompanied by good food and ended with us doing something creative outside of our favorite place in Houston ( MFAH ).

Bridal Bouquet made especially for me by POMPOM Florists



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