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A Tablespoon Of : Studio Blog Post #004.

Welcome to March's Studio Blog Post! I managed to come back with a post just a few days before the end of the month. I really thought I wasn't going to get a Monthly Studio Blog post in this month after realizing I hadn't taken any pictures of my art at all. Truthfully, It has been a weird month mentally for me, but art continues to be the thing that inspires me to move forward and to keep on trying to focus on my creative projects. On a lighter note, The blurry little guy to the right of the above photo is tOFU! I think this is his first appearance on the blog. He is the newest addition to our family and is about 5 months old. Just like his older brother, Kimchi, hE also enjoys exploring my very small art desk area and will always find the watercolors to try to get a few licks in... Don't worry, I always catch them just before they attempt to lick the paint. Not sure why they are so attracted to the Watercolors.

This Month, I have been really focused on working on an ongoing project of painting all 397 Villagers from one of my fAVORITE gaMEs, Animal Crossing : New Horizons. I've lost count of how many Villagers I have completed, but I honestly think I am close to 150+... so many more to go and I am excited for this personal challenge.

it all starts with a single sketch. Here is Celeste (left ) and Blathers ( Right ) before adding watercolor.

MabEL ( Left ), sABEL ( Middle ), AND lABEL ( right )

First watercolor layer done for the second batch of Villagers and special characters, Just missing a second layer of watercolor for the smaller details and then finally the color pencil outlining.

Sweet little Bitty. I love the way the Watercolor looks here.

So many villagers! Pretty proud of how many of them I have completed this month.

New Watercolor tubes! Excited about the Rose Madder Hue.

I was not planning on purchasing any of the "ProfessionaL" WATERCOLORS ANYTIME SOON, but I could not find the Naples Yellow color in the Cotman collection line. I added the additional Turquoise color since there was a buy on get one 50% sale. Naples yellow is one of my favorite colors.

Hooray for new watercolor brushes. Again, I was not planning on getting any new brushes any time soon, but the sale was just too good at my local art supply store! I saved money and supported my local art shop, Double Win!

The Mix of sable and synthetic fibers is just too good on these round brushes. i'VE NOTICED THEY DEFINITELY HOLD THE WATERCOLOR SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE COTMAN BRUSHES. I still love both though and will be using my Cotman brushes for a long time to come before buying more Sceptre Gold brushes!

Cute little Filbert Brushes

Designer Brushes - Great so far for lettering with Watercolor and for painting smaller details.

Rigger Brushes - Still have not painted with these just yet, but very excited to see what they can do.

My trusty watercolor palette. It has been put to very good use this month. I am slowly finding my groove and creating new color palettes with existing primary colors.

A bigger Gouache painting in progress! Planning to finish it very soon. Also! A new easel Lamp for late night painting sessions ( yay! )

Found two amazing books at hALF pRICED bOOKS THIS PAST WEEKEND during a day trip to Dallas, TX. a wonderful Matisse Book by Taschen and a new favorite, " Beloved Dog " written and Illustrated by Maira Kalman. Can't believe my luck with this book haul!

march has been a very productive month for me art wise. I am hoping to finish my second batch of Animal Crossing Villagers and Special characters before April so that I can fully focus on putting together my first few shop products for my Etsy Shop ( more info. on that next month )

Happy last full week of march!



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