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A Tablespoon Of : Studio Blog Post #004.

wow! April came and went in what felt like a matter of seconds. It was a succesful month of consistently working on my art, even on days when all I wanted to do was sleep for hours on end. I took these photos of a few more Animal crossing villagers I illustrated DURING THE SECOND WEEK OF APRIL. Just in case you didn't know. I challenged myself to draw all OF THE 391 Villagers from the very cute and popular Animal cROSSING nEW hORIZONS GAME. I PLAN TO HAND DRAW AND PAINT Each individual villager WITH WATERCOLOR AND THEN CREATE A COLLECTION OF STICKERS, Sticker Sheets ( AND MAYBE PRINTS ) TO SELL ON MY ETSY SHOP. I have been working away on this project for majority of the month. I did fit in the time to paint a few other things *not pictured on this post* during tHIS TIME, but I MOSTLY WORKED AWAY ON acnH vILLAGERS. I Am 191 Villagers away from reaching my goal! almost there!

It wouldn't be a complete monthly studio blog post if I didn't have at least one new art supply purchase to share on here!

I finally found the Winsor and Newton One Stroke cOTMAN brush Series 777 in size 19 mm 3/4". I can't wait to create some dreamy background strokes with this brush.

Two new watercolor tubes because I truly and honestly do not have these two colors in my studio already. I read my color list and checked it twice! ha!

It's all about the fan brushes when it comes to painting hairs, grass textures and small branches. I need more practice on all of those areas so these fan brushes will be perfect for that practice.

The big Papa and Mama of my watercolor brush collection....

Still have no idea how I am going to make the best use out of these two amazing brushes, but I just could not leave them behind at 50% off regular price! it was an incredible sale!

Only about 25% of what I was able to draw and paint during the month of April, but I just couldn't make the time to get more photos of the other villagers/paintings I had been working on. I am hoping I can schedule in more photography time in between my work and art time during the month of may. We shall see!

Don't forget to visit my art page! I update the art page with new paintings every other week!


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