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A Tablespoon Of : Studio Blog Post #005.

A new studio blog post just in time before the end of the month! Even though it was a month full of transition and change, May was a special month for me as it was the month I turned 30! i am leaving this month feeling grateful for many things. I am always especially thankful for my small little art space in our Apartment and for the privilege of being able to make time to practice my art every chance that I can get. Below you will see a lot of Animal Crossing Illustrations, A lot of new Art Supplies and Books ( because Birthday Month ) and the progress of my first larger scale Canvas Painting.

So many Animal Crossing New Horizon Villager Illustrations

I did not have too much free time for my art this month, but every chance I did get away from work, I would sketch a couple of Villagers before work or before going to bed.

Can't believe I have already drawn 230 of these cute villagers. Bonkers!

I can't wait to paint them all with watercolors!

My very well loved pALLETE.

This purchase was a bargain at 30% off the regular price at my local art store. I am excited to dream up some illustrations that will perfectly fit on this unique paper size.

My trusty Cotman watercolor tubes. It seems like I am needing a white tube every month nowadays. They are sometimes the harder ones to find. I bought these from my Local Art Store at 25% off each! score!

Winsor and Newton Panting Knives

Some of the supplies I needed to start my first ever oil painting!

Oil Paint Thinner... Oil Painting is a whole new painting adventure already

Gabe and I visited the Half pRICE bOOK Flagship store in Dallas, TX and scored some major art book gems! This step-by-step painting book has amazing photos and tips on painting in all media! I am excited to really dig in to this book.

Get up and Gouache! Just had to get this book just from the cover art alone. I always love finding new artists to follow and Jessica Smith has made this masterpiece of a book for all art lovers alike!

A dreamy watercolor workbook! Again, I was immediately attracted to the cover art and then looked inside and was sold for a second time! So many art books to read and so little time!!!

A new watercolor painting i STARTED JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO. can you guess where this dinosaur lives?

My sweet friend Wendy gifted me these beautiful winsor and newton color pencils for my birthday. I have been coveting these pencils for the longest time. They color so silky smooth and the packaging is so perfect. I am excited to create more art with these pencils. Thank you, wENDY!

Picture perfect!

Another fun birthday gift was this sketchbook and tote bundle by none other than Nina Cosford. I have been looking for the perfect sketchbook for months now and this bundle was the most perfect option for me. I will get to use this amazing sketchbook while also supporting an independent artist like Nina.

The beginning of A belated mothers day gift I started during the middle of the month.

Progress! I am always gravitating to primary colors and I always love the brightness these primary colors give to the paintings. These color palette choices make my art feel more like me.

A handmade birthday card for gabe's Birthday featuring Kimchi and Tofu and me! .



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