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6 Tablespoons Of : Louisiana : Day 2.

After a good nights rest we were ready to take on the next 36 hours in NOLA. I woke up ready to head to the French Quarter and snap as many photos as I possibly could. Of course I got very distracted by so much of the colorful New Orleans architecture, that I hardly took as many photos of the surrounding houses as I had originally planned to do so. However, I do remember very vividly just how calm it felt to walk down the small streets of the inner French Quarter Neighborhoods.  

So many of the artist worked with open windows and doors while in their studio spaces. Who could blame them with such a beautiful city just outside of their door step. I can see how most of them keep so inspired. There is just so much beauty in the history of this city and in every surrounding building.

912 Royal Street

Gabe and I quickly grew hungry. Naturally I opted to try out the cafe with the most outdoor plants and thus we ended up in this most beautiful place. 

What I loved most about Cafe Amelia was that the ingredients were so fresh. The tomatoes were so very juicy and the parmesan was aged and shaved just right.

Whole corn kernels inside this most perfect mini corn muffin.

Too much fun at the Funky Monkey. Gabe wanted to me to buy this pearl pink turban hat… I should’ve know I would regret not buying it. Fingers crossed I find one more like it one day. Every little piece in the store was exceptionally quirky. I just loved it.

3025 Magazine Street

Sweet tooth got the best of me. And I don’t think I felt one least bit bad about it. Sucre was my way of coping with the fact that Laduree is just so far away from me. I think it definitely hit the spot though. French Inspired and perfect in every way.

My favorite New Orleans find. Tara Conley’s “Bronze Bunny”. Tara is a Houston native, so running into one of my favorite artists work in a completely different city was an amazing experience. What an accomplishment to have your work be so well recognized country wide.

800 Decatur Street

My love for Cafe Au Lait began right here. Leave it to me to embarrass myself by pronouncing it “Cafe Ah Loot”. Thank you kind server for giving me the correct pronunciation which is actually, “Cafe Oh-Lay”. Although very touristy indeed, Cafe Du Monde did not disappoint one bit. Definitely a must when visiting NOLA.

3336 Magazine Street

Gotta love that impromptu late evening street Jazz performance. Gabe loved it. We’re both hoping to be able to make it back to NOLA during the famous Jazz Festival. 

Altogether, our second day in New Orleans was just what we needed to get a real feel of the city. There were definitely many places on our list that we did not get to see but still, we enjoyed all our small experiences during the day. Below is a photo of how beautiful the Frenchmen Art Market looked at night. Not even the humid evening could stop us from enjoying a short stroll through the Market. We ended the night soon afterwards and drove back to our Hotel just a few blocks away.



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