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A Tablespoon Of : Reminiscing on my 2019 Boston Trip.

Cutty's - 284 Washington Street

Brookline, MA 02445

A little trip down memory lane of My boston trip in February 2019. At the time, it was a much needed trip after working through most of the holiday season. Gabe and I tend to have the same routine when it comes to picking out what new State or City we should explore. we choose our location based on what favorite artist/band of ours is performing, or what restaurant/culinary adventure we can no longer wait to experience. I was a bit nervous to give boston a chance at first, but as soon as we started exploring the city before the much anticipated Beirut concert, I fell in love with everything boston had to offer. Our first full day in, we had finally settled in to our hotel and then explored the nearby area by foot.

Left: Seasick Gabe getting an instax of me outside of the New England aquarium. a visit here should definitely make it into your itinerary. it was lovely and we took our time visiting the sea life on each level.

right: While walking the beautiful grounds of Boston cOMMON, I SPOTTED THIS gEORGE Washington sTATUE AND decided to stop for a picture. it has become one of my favorite instax photos. This area is also where we went Geocaching for the first time.

Milk Bar - 1-3 Brattle Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

we were completely surprised when we saw advertisement for Boston's first ever Milk Bar opening in haRVARD sQUARE. wE HAD MISSED OUR Opportunity during our last New York Trip, but we really did luck out that we were going to finally get to visit in Boston! ( and on opening week too! ) we of course got a slice of the milk bar pie ( formerly Crack Pie ) and the original Cereal Milk Soft Serve with Corn Flake Bits. A cute patch was also a must too!

Left : Gabe enjoying one of the most delicious cups of coffee at George Howell Coffee inside the Godfrey Hotel. I had a hot Latte and enjoyed the views of downtown Boston.

A quick Procreate sketch I drew of our coffee date

I wish I had more pictures to share from our Boston trip as it really was a surprisingly special one, but unfortunately we lost all of our photos ( except for two ) when switching out laptops later that month. I try not to remind myself too much about the photos lost as it makes me so sad, but I am thankful we at least have these couple of photos and the memories of our first ever clam chowders and lobster rolls. sEEING and feeling fresh white powdery snow for the first time on our way to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, seeing Beirut live in concert for the first time at House of Blues Boston, and lastly, finally getting the courage to create Radical Hospitality after checking in to our hotel. I cannot wait to go back someday.



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