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8 Tablespoons Of : Salt Lake City, Utah.

Back in February, Gabe and I took a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. We actually planned this trip around a " The Killers " Concert. Somehow we always tend to plan our trips around a Foodie Adventure or a concert we can't bear to miss. I actually love that little tradition of ours. I had been speaking to Gabe about Utah for as long as I can remember. I took my first trip to Utah a few year back with a very special friend of mine, and ever since then, I could not get the mountain views and beautiful weather out of my mind. I knew I had to go back someday. This trip was so special because other than the concert and skiing, we had NO set agenda. We just went by the day without any plans whatsoever. Gabe can tell you that I am not the type of person to fully relax while on vacation. I always choose a new place to explore and I already have hours worth of things we need to see, food we need to try, and experiences we can not pass by. Surprisingly, this trip was opposite of what I usually plan for.

We took our trip to Utah February of 2018 and honestly, as much as I want to, I cannot bring myself to edit all the wonderful photos we took. Instead, I chose a few of my favorite moments. Have fun taking a quick look and I hope this inspires some of you to give Utah a visit.


Lake Effect

By far the best Nachos I've had are pictured below. Go to Lake Effect for the beautiful Cocktails, but stay a while for the INSANELY delicious tin can nachos... My mouth is drooling by just looking at this photo... Take me back to SLC stat!


Publik Coffee Roasters

I cannot go to a new City and NOT try to find a beautiful coffee shop to enjoy. Publik Cofee roasters did not dissapoint. The aesthetic was so cool and they even had their own roastery INSIDE of the coffee shop. The smells were so delicious inside! I opted for my regular Vanilla Latte and Gabe had an Americano.


The St. Regis Deer Valley

Below is a photo of my favorite little corner inside the suite. I will be trying to share more photos of this AMAZING hotel over at my @radicalhospitality Instagram as soon as I can because I really cannot say enough good things about our experience here. Gabe and I were incredibly lucky to have been able to stay at such a luxurious hotel overlooking the snow covered Park City Mountains. We had direct access to skiing and snowboarding activities and so much more. Fun Fact : The St. Regis has the ONLY working Funicular in all of the United States. It was so dreamy getting to ride it. I felt like I was in a Wes Anderson film and it gave us a great view of the mountains and Ski Resorts in the area.

The St. Regis had several wonderful traditions for guests to enjoy. I really wanted to take part in the Champagne Sabrage, but we were never able to catch it just in time. Thankfully, we did get to experience the complimentary S'mores beneath the stars for one of our nights! It was beautiful being able to sit by the fire making our own S'mores around such beautiful scenery. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back!

Experienced my first Ski Lessons here the Deer Valley Resort Ski School. I signed up for the MAX4 lessons which allowed only four beginner level students to learn the basic of skiing. It was wonderful because the instructor was really able to focus on teaching us the basic techniques individually and with time. Even though i didn't really want to invest the money for the lessons at the beginning, It was exactly what I needed to do for myself to be able to enjoy those beautiful snow covered " Bunny Slopes " Gabe on the other hand was a real trooper. He hadn't skied in years and was somehow able to get the courage to tackle the more advanced areas of the park. 

Just a few steps away from the front lobby of the St. Regis Deer Valley. Can you believe the beauty!?


Gorgoza Park - Park City Tubing

Here I am celebrating the fact that I made it down alive and well after tubing from the very top of that hill behind me ( you can't really see how high up it really is because it's so dark up at the very top ) BUT! it was so much fun! I was wearing my Spectacles the whole entire time we were there and caught so much fun footage.


Bonneville Salt Flats

I decided on the Bonneville Salt Flats for our Photoshoot location for our Utah Trip. Words won't do this experience justice. It was beautiful and completely worth the drive from SLC.


Eva's Bakery - SLC, Utah

Before heading back to the Airport for our flight back to Houston, I told Gabe we just had to try and stop by this little blue place in Downtown SLC. It was a cute Boulangerie with delicious freshly made pastries and deli items inside. We had coffee and some pastries, and took two sandwiches to go. We later ate the sandwiches inside the plane and regretted not buying more.


There were many more memories made while in Utah, but it would take me forever to try and gather all the photos and trying to remember everything we did word for word. I always say I won't take too long after a trip to share all the memories, but life gets so busy! Still, I will try to prioritize sharing more here because it truly makes me happy just being able to look at photos of happy times and new adventures!


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