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7 Tablespoons Of : California 2016 : Day 1.

We were finally in California and we were beyond excited! As ready as we were to start exploring, our first day in California was less than glamorous. We were exhausted from the early flight from Houston to Los Angeles and once we finally arrived on land, our first priority was getting a rental car ASAP. Uber was a life saver as it made our trip from LAX to our car rental place a breeze. Once our little rental was handed over to us, we were ready to take on California. Apollo Burgers will forever hold a special place in my heart as it saved both Gabe and I from becoming two very hangry individuals. A hole in the wall burger joint right in between L.A and Anaheim ran by the most customer service oriented bunch. The photos above don’t lie. Those little diner style burgers were a great introduction to what California had to offer. We devoured them in an instant and headed out to our hotel in Anaheim. 



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