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7 Tablespoons Of : California 2016 : Day 2.

Our second day in California was jammed packed. I was ready to see as much of L.A as I possibly could fit into a days trip. Looking back at all the photos now, I realize I must’ve overwhelmed Gabe with so many activities, but you see, When I travel, I explore. I’m not the type to visit a new place to relax ( As much as I really need to consider to start doing so ) Truly there’s just WAY too much to see. I always feel like the day is not long enough. Especially when we’re in a city as interesting as L.A. Day two went a little something like this :



Smorgasburg was hands down my favorite part of day two. Gabe and I were lucky enough to pass by a kind stranger who told us about the unique event happening that day. We were so lucky that we happened to be in L.A on a Sunday. You see, Smorgasburg is a one day a week event that takes place on Sundays only. Located in a five-acre site, you will find literally dozens of food vendors as well as shop vendors of all realms lined up next to each other ready to provide some seriously delicious and unique products. Cultural events, Pop-Ups and other surprise events are known to happen during Smorgasburg day. WOW! can you even believe that something like this exists?! Only in L.A.

I really could live in a house full of beautiful books. I tend to judge books by their covers… Literally!

Gabe! I said, ” Show me your cool kid pose ” … Why is this always the go-to bro pose? …


Still thinking about how refreshing this was! A nice intake of fresh lemonade is just what you need before taking on the M.O.C.A

Oh, Andy …


I wish I could’ve captured a picture that did this sandwich justice. Gabe and I have been to Nashville and not even there have we experienced a HOT Chicken Sandwich such as the one we had at Howlin’ Ray’s. Do yourself a favor while in L.A and indulge on this wonderful gift from the heavens above.


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