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7 Tablespoons Of : California 2016 : Day 3.

Day three of California could not come quick enough! It was October, we were in Anaheim and I was SO ready to see Halloween Time at Disneyland. We actually based our trip to California around our visit to Disneyland and continued planning from there. Crazy as I am for my love of Halloween, I knew I just had to experience all the spooky Disneyland magic during this time of year. As imagined, It did not disappoint! A few of our Disneyland memories below :


Because first, coffee. Always and forever.

Gabe’s Breakfast

Conny’s Breakfast

The Anaheim Packing House was an absolute dream! We went SO early that we only caught one of the many restaurants inside open. Thankfully they were willing to make some breakfast for us even though it was only 7:00AM. Nonetheless, we still walked around the inside and saw all the amazing options inside just that one building. The Packing House can also double as a wedding venue which I thought was pretty neat.


All the colors! You see, the beautiful thing about going to Disneyland as an adult is that you really get a chance ( if you let yourself ) to really take all the magic in. Disneyland is NOT just for kids. It’s also for the kid in you!

Didn’t end up buying this Minnie Mouse hat. Kind of regret it now that I’m looking at it… Next time!

“It’s A Small World” HANDS DOWN my favorite Disneyland ride. HANDS DOWN!!!

Above : The Haunted Mansion during Halloween Time!!! All my Halloween dreams came true. A spooktacular mansion dressed head to toe in A Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Decorations. I could’ve had a whole photo shoot outside of the Mansion if it wasn’t for the endless line of anxious Disneyland visitors waiting to have their turn. 

Dear, Disneyland Halloween Time. You made my love for Halloween even greater, and I loved all of the Halloween decorations around Main Street. I promise to come again a few years from now. This time though, I will make sure that Gabe and I bring a Halloween costume. Until then.


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