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7 Tablespoons Of : California 2016 : Day 4.


I mean, Can it get any better?

Decorations at The Saguaro Palm Springs were out of this world cool. Look at all of the vintage Barbies just lounging there. This would have been my dream room decoration as a young girl. So much color and so much fun in each little compartment. Each box represents an Event, Room or Space in the Saguaro. So Cool!

When I really took the time to focus on all of the new surroundings, I couldn’t even believe that I was actually there! Blue skies, Perfectly Cool Weather, Bright Green Palm Trees and Cacti EVERYWHERE! It was so surreal.


If you ever find yourself in California, do yourself a favor and make the drive to Salvation Mountain. Just Do It! It is a landmark so special to the state of California, and having seen it in person is one of the things I will forever hold dear. The background story of how this mountain got started is also an interesting and inspiring one. Can you believe this was the work of one man for years and years before any volunteers started to donate their time?. We got to hear the story and behind the scenes stories straight from one of the permanent Volunteers/Salvation Mountain Keeper. After the long drive from Palm Springs to Imperial County, California both Gabe and I were beat, but as soon as we saw the Mountain, we wanted to immediately explore it thoroughly. Isn’t it beautiful? Just look at all those bright colors!


Beautiful, Joshua Tree National Park. How do I even begin to express your beauty? We literally didn’t even scratch the surface of this 1,234 Acre Park. There is just so much more of it to explore. I hear there are even camping grounds which would be perfect for a private and unique wedding ceremony destination. I hope Gabe and I can go back soon. I took so many photos in the hope to capture it all as I was seeing it. The beauty was just so overwhelming.  

Gabe feeling sorry that he decided to touch the Cacti in the above photo… Silly, Gabe.

Wishing I had a cute little Volkswagen for my Road Trip adventures. A cute Pale Pink one with gold handle accents. Yeah, that would definitely be my forever ride!  

A photo memory if our little bitty rental car. We explored so much of California in this little vehicle. The mileage was great! It was no Volkswagen, but still fun to drive.

Day four in California was definitely one to remember. As you can see from the photo spam, We explored so much from the very beginning of the day all the way to sunset in Joshua Tree. 300 + Miles later and we were driving back to our Hotel in Palm Springs with a day full of memories we won’t soon forget. Thank you, Gabe for always sacrificing your “Vacation” time and accepting that for me, it’s not Vacation, but a chance to explore the unseen.



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