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7 Tablespoons Of : Seattle "The Emerald City" Day 2.

Our second day in Seattle was much more eventful. We had gotten plenty of rest the night before and I had been planning where we would go exploring the next day. I knew I wanted to see Pike Place first, so we took off from the Hotel early in the morning and visited one of the best know markets in the United States. It did not disappoint. It was full of life and color and sounds that made me so happy. We didn’t get to try any of the local food from the market itself, but just the thought of it now makes me regret that we didn’t! 

This is a test run

Before heading out to Pike Place Market, we had a satisfying brunch at a cool local vegetarian restaurant called, Cafe Flora. Gabe isn’t a big fan of anything without an acceptable amount of meat, but he was surprisingly full after having one of the Brunch scramble plates. The roasted potatoes were a HUGE hit with the both of us. I would love to go back again.

Cafe Flora

Pike Place Market

Gabe at Pike Place Market!

Feeling SO happy that I was finally getting some wear out of this beautiful Boden Coat I had purchased the month prior to the trip. A pop of color makes me so very happy.

Coat – Boden Dress – Boden Boots – Sam Edelman Purse – Kate Spade Lipstick – MAC

Original Stabucks

Waited a very long time to finally meet this friendly giant! It was so awesome to be able to take a photo with him! If you ever go to Seattle, pay a quick visit to the Fremont Troll! It’s such a cool sight as your walking towards Lake Union.

Fremont Troll

Lake Union

King’s Hardware

This little restaurant right on Historic Ballard Avenue will forever be a part of both Gabe and I. I didn’t take any photos or video myself on this day because it literally ALL happened so fast, but this was the day that Gabe proposed to me. 03/31/17. Right after we took some photos with the friendly troll (above ) we continued to walk down to a very beautiful and quaint bench located perfectly on the edge of Lake Union. It was the  perfect little spot, and then Gabe got down on one knee, became very nervous, and proposed. We decided celebrate this moment with sliders and fries. I don’t remember what they looked like, but I do know they were delicious. We were both so happy.



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