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7 Tablespoons Of : Seattle "The Emerald City" Day 4.

Can’t believe this post has barely made it on to the blog! Gabe and I drove out to Portland, Oregon from Seattle on our second to last day of vacation last year. We knew we couldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting Cannon Beach as it was just a couple of hours away. This time of year always makes me think back to how I wish we were back in Portland. Enjoy the many, many photos of our last day in the PNW!

Wake up call was at 3AM on this fine day. Although the day before had been full of adventure, we felt we had even more to see! Gabe didn’t really know about it, but I had planned for us to drive out to Oregon to catch a glimpse of some of my personal MUST SEE locations. Oregon has also been in my MUST-SEE places for as long as I can remember. We had an amazing time there. Words can’t sum up how much I enjoyed our drive as well as the final destination. It was a road trip to remember for sure!

Can we just take a moment to enjoy this beautiful view?! #nofilter

Cannon Beach

Quick stop to ” Por Que No ” for a delicious brunch. I do love me a good Migas plate.

This right here is my happy place. I could’ve easily spent hours and hours inside the bookstore, but there was still so much more of Portland to see!

Spotted : The impossibly hard to miss Gemma Correll illustrations. I hope to meet her one day.

Sadly enough, we didn’t make it in time to enjoy these delicious donuts before they closed for the day. We were able to make it inside the shop, but I can’t remember now why we weren’t able to purchase at least one. I think it was something about these just being the display donuts? If that’s a thing? Still beautiful though!

After our mini food adventure we could’ve really gone for a nice nap in the car. Instead, we chose to drive out further into Portland to explore some of the most beautiful natural falls we have ever seen.

Quick cute photo of my engagement ring. I loved the contrast of nature and my ring. 

My Spectacles captured so much of the trip! Now if I could only figure out a way to find the recorded memories in Snapchat… Technology is tricky sometimes.

Our Last Night In Seattle

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

This par was so beautiful! I’m so glad we were able to fit this little adventure in before the Regina Spektor Concert that evening.

Gabe’s hair has a mind of it’s own for most of the year. I personally prefer it this long on him! 🙂 Now, if i could only try to have him grow it out longer…

Our last full day in Seattle was a beautiful one! We truly did try to fit as much as we could in one single day. I didn’t want to leave, but secretly, I was already looking forward to the nights final event which was the Regina Spektor concert at the Paramount Theatre… ( The entire trip was planned around this one concert BTW. I was so excited about the concert later that night that I don’t think I took my camera out at all. ) More of our last day in Seattle below :

One last view of the city before sunset…

Thank you for a beautiful first experience, Seattle and for all of the memories of special moments I took home with me! I not only explored a beautiful city, I also got to finally see Regina Spektor LIVE after so many years of listening and loving her music, but most importantly of all, Gabe proposed! It all was a dream!



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