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8 Tablespoons Of : My Life In Film : Vol. 3.

Gabe and I finally developed a couple rolls of film from some of our 2017 trips. Can’t believe we waited so long to get these developed! As always, out of our two film cameras, Gabe’s camera provided us with the better photos. I think maybe that is because i’m still trying to adjust to the manual setting for my little Pentax. I think i’m getting the hang of it though! 

 Here I am in Palm Springs outside of The Saguaro           Hotel. The colors both outside and inside the hotel           were AMAZING! I’m going to have a hard time               deciding between the ACE Hotel, The Parker, or The       Saguaro for my Girls Trip in October 2019.

No editing at all on the above photos ( except for the fun illustrations on a couple of them ). They are all straight out of Gabe’s Canon Film Camera. I love the idea of accepting a memory as it is. Every photo was a memory in time worth capturing. Enjoy and more Film to come soon!


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