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8 Tablespoons Of : New York : Day 3 & 4.

Complete cozy vibes at the Egg Shop NYC. The restaurant is so perfectly tiny. As soon as we step foot in the restaurant, I telling Gabe, ” This is going to be delicious “, not quite sure yet if it is a complete curse or gift, but I can honestly tell whether or not a restaurant will be unforgettable based on the first few seconds of collected visuals. Gabe calls me picky. I’d like to call myself a gifted foodie. 

Gabe still talks about this meal. Can you believe that biscuit!?

Potato Hash Brown. Don’t mind if I do!

After a beautiful Breakfast and a couple of hours of exploring out in the cold, we found ourselves in…

The Hot Chocolate was SO rich in flavor and poured into the cup with it’s very own ladle… And can you believe that homemade marshmallow. It was just what we needed before going back out to the cold New York weather.

An installation of hanging LED lights and digital images. It was so relaxing Gabe and I could have fallen asleep admiring the sounds and video along with the sight of the lights changing colors. Truly a masterpiece.

Still trying to perfect the art of nighttime photography… Work in progress, but the murals were so fun. 

I had been telling Gabe how excited I was about trying Pietro Nolita. We finally spotted the restaurant during our walk on a cold late evening. It didn’t feel like the right time to enjoy the beautiful restaurant, But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the view! I can only imagine how much more magical it actually is from the inside. Pink, pink everywhere and I loved it. Next time, New York! I’ll definitely be coming for you, Pollo Al Matone!

The Butcher’s Daughter was the right choice for an evening appetizer and cocktail. The restaurant focuses on healthy vegetarian dishes made with fresh produce. They focus on making sure that their guests ” eat with the seasons ” I think even if one is not familiar with foods in season, It is important to dine, when possible, in restaurants that do practice this belief. It completely takes the dining experience to a new level. 

Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, and Passion Fruit Mimosa

Loaded Potato Skins – Topped with adzuki bean bacon crumbles, spicy vegan sausage, vegan mozzarella cheese and special sauce. *Pssst* Don’t tell Gabe he was actually eating a vegan meal.

And for a light dinner, Gabe and I enjoyed delicious Tacos at Tacombi. What a cool nightlife vibe it had. Gabe opted for water, while I of course got a Watermelon Agua Fresca.

En route to the Staten Island Ferry to catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty. 

So COLD while on the ferry! but such an amazing way to end a successful third day in New York. It was a foggy and cold night, but still somehow, we saw Lady Liberty shining bright with the help of a very bright spotlight. Gabe might be able to remember exactly how much we walked on this day, I think it was somewhere around 10,000 steps? 


Thankful to have experienced New York through their subway system. Gabe was my personal trip planner. I told him the plan for the day, and he would instantly know what subway to catch… A true New Yorker with only three days under his belt. I was both impressed and thankful. 

Ready to explore Brooklyn! 

Try the No. 6 – Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, White Cheddar, Housemade Guacamole and Cilantro ( No Tomato ) 

Beautiful D.U.M.B.O

Excited as can be for an original glazed doughnut. I LOVE looking at all of the fun flavors, but I usually judge a doughnut shop by its original glazed. Always.

After doughnuts, a visit to the Brooklyn Museum before it closed! I didn’t get many photos in there, but it was so nice! I wish we could’ve had time to see more.

Couldn’t leave Brooklyn without trying Chuko. Gabe’s ramen craving came at a perfect time. After the Brooklyn Museum, I remembered having read about this ramen restaurant in Travel and Leisure Magazine. The ramen was amazing! We had the pork buns for appetizers, and the Chicken Bone and Pork Bone ramen for our main meal.  

Us back in our Hotel making sure all of our photos and videos were saved. We were so happy to have experienced Brooklyn. Our trip itinerary was jammed packed with Manhattan alone, but for me, Brooklyn was a must! I hope to see more of it when we go back during summertime. We closed the night with a bit of photo editing, a glass of wine, and enjoying the sounds of a busy hotel lobby at 11PM. Gotta love New York.


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